Hocus Pocus, What's the Focus?

Meaningful Differentiation

I help you stand out from the crowd, create positive impact and build authentic relationships with your customers. I aim to help you discover your own journey and take charge of your story.

I work with you to get to know you, your needs, your customers and their needs, and to figure out, together, the story that connects you.

I make sure we focus on what's of value to you and your customers: I'll help you navigate your best course whether it involves me or not... you're the hero of the story, not me.


What's the Process?

Design Strategy

Looking at the big picture...

We'll define your goals; we'll take a look through your customers' eyes; we'll suss out how they see you, and align that perception with your vision; we'll work out how you differentiate from the competition. It's about making sure I help you in the right way, for the right reasons.

Identity System Design

Finding your style...

Visual identity is much more than a logo. I help with the naming process, which often gets skipped through in DIY fashion, even though your name often lasts longer than any logo! I will help you define your organisation, your personality, everything that makes you you, and then I will design a look to match: a visual identity to cover every context and customer touchpoint.

Messaging & Copywriting

Finding your voice...

We'll work on a voice to match your visuals. We'll make sure you're ready to speak to your customers in a way they will relate to, identify with and engage with.

Marketing & Communications

Telling your story...

I can help you make sure the right channels are being used in the best way to reach and engage with your audience. It's all about talking with people in the best way, at the best time and place.