Brand Identity for an adventurous Irish pub in the French Alps


The Challenge

The Beckett & Wilde is an Irish pub in the Chamonix Valley (at the foot of Mont Blanc) that blends old world charm and punky personality. It was established in early 2018. Cham is home to snowboarding tourists, wandering adventurers and a passionate local populace.

I was challenged to create a visual identity that appeals to people with a thirst for authenticity, craftsmanship, thrill-seeking and passion.



The Response

I created an identity with a dual personality, to merge two worlds together: a Wes Anderson-like beautiful paradox of old and new, of sublime and picturesque, of rural and urban, chique and punk.

So what's in the mix? Firstly there’s the blend of Old World Victoriana and early modernism (the eras of Oscar Wilde and Sam Beckett respectively). Then there’s a healthy dose of Beckett's minimalist, modernist literary traits and Wilde's flair and flamboyance. And lastly, a drop of sublime wanderlust brewed with urban zeitgeist.



The Story

Are you sitting comfortably?

There is a single story that unites the innumerable interweaving tales of all the people connected to The Beckett & Wilde.

It is a story of outliers, misfits, rebels and wanderers. A story of brave choices, risky decisions and the thrill of the ride.

I'll leave the pair of savvy poets who founded the pub to tell their own story when they choose. Suffice to say it takes a few bucket loads of life experience to emigrate from Dublin and establish a pub named after two literary giants of Irish history, at the foothills of that fairytale place called Mont Blanc, birthplace of a much loved monster

But these two natural storytellers are inextricably linked with the people and culture of Chamonix. I've already described the place as a set from a Wes Anderson film. Consider it a character source too.

When I had the fortune to visit, I was struck by a pattern that weaves and winds through the people there: a candid openness, a brave honesty, of self reflection and dismantled ego. And a streak of madness not unfamiliar to myself! These are people living on the edge of the world, and they tend to live with eyes wide open. When you're surrounded by this, it's hard not to...

These hyperactive thrill seekers make the journey up the mountain every day, trekking and trudging through thick snow and up steep inclines, for the joy of the moment. Some of them climb, some of them flow, some drop, some fly! They know how to graft, how to face fear, and they know the pleasure of a well earned respite, or a fleeting instant of bliss.

To put all this in the context of business, these patterns between prospective customers, these intersecting points of empathy and identity, are opportunities for brand personality, character and story... they allow the business to connect with their audience, on a deep and meaningful level.

The lifeblood of the community is the lifeblood of the brand. While the two are in harmony, the business will thrive.

Who's thirsty?