Brand Identity for an adventurous Irish pub in the French Alps



The Beckett & Wilde is a distinctive Irish pub in the Chamonix valley at the foot of Mont Blanc, in the French Alps. An odd place for an Irish bar you might think: but only if you haven’t yet had the joy of discovering the special bond that links this diverse bunch of adventurous, mountain-riding, music-loving, passion-chasing misfits and mavericks who live and love within.

Founded in 2018 by two saintly sinners from North Dublin, this characterful pub blends the literary and cultural heritage of its namesakes with modern manners and honest experiences. A pint at The Beckett makes for a fresh breath of radical authenticity in a sublime corner of an often synthetic world.


How do we appeal to English-speaking expats and French locals alike? How do we engage with the residents, seasonaires and tourists all together? How do we balance our love of history and literature with our upbringing in the heart of 90s grunge and punk? How do we sell ourselves without losing our realness or disdain for disingenuous spin? How do we brand ourselves? What story do we tell? What do we stand for? Did you let the cat in?


We workshopped the business objectives, the personal goals, the founders’ journeys, hopes and dreams, the ideal customers, the actual customers, the words of our heroes and the stories that linked us all. We defined our audience, our selves, our brand, our narrative, and we created a personality - an identity - that speaks meaningfully, sincerely and (hopefully) entertainingly, about the things we love, to people who appreciate us for it.

The identity system was designed to feel relevant in very different contexts - from the snug bar to the mountain top - for a diverse collective of idiosyncratic individuals with varying needs, desires and tastes. At the heart of this ideal is a deep-felt desire within the organisation to connect with people in a real way, with caring impact and shared experience.